The Tale of Older Adults in a Ghanaian Urban Society During the Peak of COVID-19

  • Alfred Kuranchie


The study explored the psychological, social, and emotional challenges the older adult experienced during the peak of Covid-19. The interpretivist philosophy underpinned the study, utilizing phenomenological design to unearth the socio-emotional and psychological experiences of the older adults during the peak of the pandemic. Interviews were conducted to permit the participants to pour out their experiences during the period. The study unveiled that the older adults experienced social, emotional, and psychological challenges, which invariably had rippling effects on them. Social support was virtually non-existent for the older adults in the study area during the peak of the pandemic. The social bond and solidarity people used to offer their relatives including the elderly seemed to have been exterminated during the period. The neglect of the elderly during the period is a societal failure. Consequently, social, and behavioral sciences need to offer valuable insights for managing the pandemic and its impact on the elderly in society.