Young Adults’ Perception of Ageing and Care of Older Adults: A Study Among University of Ghana Students

  • Nii Addokwei Acquaye Department of Psychology
  • Emmanuel Boakye Omari


Globally, the rate of population ageing is high. Similarly, Ghana faces a threat in witnessing rapid ageing of its population. Traditional social systems that were used to care for older adults are rapidly collapsing due to changes in the society. The present study explored young adults’ students’ perceptions of older adults in Ghana, through the exploration of their understanding of the term ageing and old age, their attitudes towards caring for older adults along with the roles they play in their care. Through a qualitative approach, individual interviews were conducted with 20 young adults in the University of Ghana. Findings show that students held stereotypes about older adults, but they were not aware of the ageing population and its implication on their wellbeing. The findings also revealed that young adults performed house chores and other minor activities to support older adults. Findings from this study suggest the need for information on ageing in tertiary schools to enhance students’ knowledge on ageing and the implications of ageing population