A serializing particle ń with discourse functions in Kusaal

  • Hasiyatu Abubakari University of Ghana
Keywords: Serial Verb Constructions, Kusaal, Serializing particle, focus, Mabia languages


This paper presents novel empirical data revealing a previously unidentified particle n in Serial Verb Constructions in Kusaal. The issue that requires attention is to find out the status of the said particle in SVCs in the language. The central question is whether the observed particle is an overt marker of coordination or subordination which is likely suppressed in other instances of SVCs in the language. The particle n has several functions in Kusaal and other Mabia languages with more being discovered as research on these languages keeps developing. It functions as a subject focus marker in Kusaal, Gurenɛ, and Dagbani and a serializing connector in Moore. It will be observed that the particle n is not obligatory in SVCs in Kusaal and its presence encodes an emphatic/ focus interpretation on the verb it precedes. This study is qualitative with data gathered from both primary and secondary sources.