Reflections on the issue of repatriation of looted and illegally acquired African cultural objects in Western museums

  • Effiboley Emery Patrick
Keywords: Terminology of circulation; African cultural objectives; Afro-European relations


This paper addresses the issue of repatriation/restitution of African cultural objects
in Western museums by analysing the terminology used to discuss the demands of
return by African states and people. After analysing these used terms which differ
slightly from one another, the paper overviews the various types of cultural objects
that ended up in European museums. The chapter finally discusses the destinations
of the reclaimed cultural objects in postcolonial Africa by showing that not only the
original contexts of these cultural objects have changed, but also that the countries
asking for the return of these objects should work toward cohering identities for the
benefit of all.

Author Biography

Effiboley Emery Patrick ,

Head of Department, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Abomey-