Hip-Hop Studies as a Model for Anti-imperialist Research in Africa

  • Msia Kibona Clark Howard University
Keywords: Hip-Hop studies, hiphopography, African studies, decolonizing, methodology


This paper argues that Hip-Hop studies provides a model for the decolonising agenda in African studies. This argument is based on a look at the research methodologies established in the field of Hip-Hop studies, with an important examination of the field’s epistemological approaches, methodologies, and anti-imperialist frameworks. The study found that there are enough parallels between Hip-Hop studies and African studies to make this exercise compelling. The paper looks at the methodological practices employed in Hip-Hop studies research, especially in Africa, with specific examples of Hip-Hop studies methodologies employed in the research of African Hip-Hop communities and cultures. The paper asserts that decolonising African studies can be aided by following a model provided by Hip-Hop studies. The paper argues that, for African studies, there are lessons that can be learned from Hip-Hop studies, a field that is succeeding in its anti-colonial position.