A Critical Look at Ghana’s Human Capital Development Agenda: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Bill Buenar Puplampu Central University


This lecture explores the extent to which Ghana has paid sufficient strategic attention to the development of skills, competencies and capacities which would
propel consistent socio-economic development. It argues that many initiatives and efforts have been made in the area of education. However these have been
unfocused, disparate, not strategic and wasteful. Five policy and implementation gaps are identified and five recommendations are proffered for urgent consideration by policy makers.

Author Biography

Bill Buenar Puplampu, Central University

Professor Puplampu is Vice-Chancellor of Central University in
Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Prior to his appointment, he was the Pro-Vice Chancellor for
Academic Affairs at Central University, and had also served as Dean of the Central Business
School, among other positions at Central University. A Chartered Psychologist (British
Psychological Society and International Association of Applied Psychology), Professor Puplampu
also served as the Head of Department of Organisation and Human Resource Management (HRM)
at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) and chaired its Executive MBA programme.
Professor Puplampu has over 20 years of experience in business education, organisational
consulting, university teaching and research. His research interests include employee motivation,
leadership, work values, organisational culture and corporate social responsibility.

Public Commentary