Review Essays

The Contemporary Journal of African Studies (CJAS) has introduced a “Review Essays” section to its scope.  This will enable the journal to bring its international readership into ongoing conversations on African studies while also reflecting the journal’s efforts to remain consistent with international best practices in journal publication.  CJAS, thus, invites submissions of review essays from scholars who are interested in any subject related to the theory and practice of global African(a) studies. We also welcome title submissions for which review essays may be sought from specialists, or from publishers who wish to announce the scholarship in their new titles.

We expect review essays to reflect summative and critical details that demonstrate the current state of knowledge in the field being explored, and that establish the value of the discourse vis-à-vis the selected texts within the broad scholarship on society and knowledge in Africa.

Reviews should be:

  • Topical
  • based on texts published up to three years of the review, with the possible supplemental inclusion of necessary canonical references
  • written in scholarly language
  • between 1200 and 1500 words