“Do This in Remembrance of Me:” Reading Luke 22:19-20 from an African Perspective

  • Godfred Nsiah University of Ghana
Keywords: African Christianity, Exegetical, Eucharistic Narrative, Lord’s Supper, Passover


According to the synoptic gospels Jesus commanded his disciples to observe the Lord’s Supper to remember what he did for humankind by breaking his body and pouring his blood. The paper analyses the Lukan narrative (Luke 22:19-20) to explore the significance of the Lord’s Supper for contemporary African Christians. It contends that the Supper provokes a call to covenant relationship with Christ, invites believers to embrace Jesus’ act of service and become agents of God’s salvation. Furthermore, it explores the significance of meals in Africa. The paper concludes that unity, communalism, and sacrifice are features of a true eucharistic community.