Unethical Ministerial Practices Among Some Ghanaian Pastors

  • Paul Kang-Ewala Diboro Department of Theology, Christian Service University College, Kumasi
  • Raymond Charles Ehiem Great Change Christian Centre, West-Adenta, Accra - Star Medical Laboratories, Tema
Keywords: Ghana, Ministry, Ministerial practice, Pastor, Unethical


In recent times, ministerial misconduct of Ghanaian pastors has become rampant in print, electronic and social media. How do we explain these acts of indecency perpetrated under the guise of freedom of religion by some ministers that identify with Christianity? What accounts for these behaviours? And what could be done to prevent such strange practices from escalating to disaster proportions? To answer these questions, data were collected from published literature and media reports. The study argues that the consistent unethical practices, activities, and utterances of some Ghanaian pastors negatively affect Christian ministry in Ghana. Focusing on some of the unethical ministerial practices and initiatives undertaken by these pastors, this article investigates the reasons responsible for their occurrences and proffers remedial suggestions. The study draws attention to uncaring shepherds, the seared conscience of some pastors, easily manipulated congregations, sleeping shepherds and the high demand for deliverance services by congregants as possible reasons that bring about these unethical ministerial practices. Finally, the article contends that to achieve a desired transformative Christian ministry in Ghana, the Church must pay attention to the religious practices of some pastors and if possible, find a way to regulate them.