'Ethics of Values’ and Its Significance in Society: A Christian Perspective

  • Chiedu A. Onyiloha Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Keywords: Christian Ethics, Ethics of Values, Ethical Values, Meta-Ethics, Objective and Subjective Values, Society.


The ethics of values is a specialized area of meta-ethics that emphasises the concept of good in society. It is often contrasted with the ethics of duty, and it is an area that has been neglected in recent times due to a poor index of awareness and application. This underscores the significance of this work. Values are central to human lives and civilisation. Consequently, the question: “What values should I seek or apply to a situation?” is more relevant than “What is it that is right for me to do?” in contemporary society. The researcher was motivated by these differences and also the need to place the ethics of values in its proper perspective. Therefore, the paper roots its thesis on the works of Hartmann, Perry, and Peschke including the ethical insights from John Paul II. The study approaches the subject from its theories, nature, types, and significance in society. The paper is based on Christian ethics, and it also applies phenomenology to analyse and discuss the subject. The analysis reveals that some persons are more interested in the rationalization of duty than the actual application of ethics and values to society. The latter, unarguably, is germane to fostering societal moral rectitude.