Physical and Spiritual Purity as Basis for Healing and Holiness in Mark 7:1-7

  • Olatundun Abosede Oderinde


This paper explores the significance of purity for healing and health. Despite all the exploits that the world has witnessed
in the field of science and technology, sicknesses and diseases still pose a serious threat to the existence of man on earth. Many new contagious,
incurable, terminal diseases are being discovered almost on daily basis and the medical sciences seem not to have a solution to most of these
health challenges. It has been discovered however that the choice of personal lifestyle is crucial to health and illness. The link between
lifestyle and health is a major area of interest in public health today. Man's lack of clean habits has been identified as the major cause of
contagious diseases. In most cases, poor personal hygiene and public sanitation aid the spread of infectious diseases. In this regard, physical
and spiritual purity as basis for healing and holiness is examined through an exegetical analysis of Mark 7 to actualize the theological
meaning of the text in today's context and, engender commitment to personal and societal transformation. The paper adopts both the
historical-critical method and historical materialist sociological method.