Welcome message from the Editor-in-chief

  • Andrew Anthony Adjei Department of Pathology, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana.
Keywords: Editorial, HSI Journal


Improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning without continual growth and progress. I write this editorial to welcome authors, reviewers, and readers to the third edition of the HSI Journal Volume 2 Issue 1 in 2021. It is my pleasure to announce that all 3 issues of the HSI Journal were published online on time and the print issues were also brought out and dispatched within a month of publishing the issue online. Towards this edition, the HSI Journal received several manuscripts - some were rejected in the preliminary screening and others after peer review process. A total of 43 research scientists from different juridictions reviewed the manuscripts submitted to this edition. Some of the accepted articles are presented in this issue. Altogether, there are 6 original research articles, 4 case reports, and a commentary. The average publication lag time for publication of an article was 2-3 months. The topics covered are broad but interesting and scientifically relevant. The HSI Journal is an Open Access publication with no article processing charges, and all published articles are accessible for greater dissemination. The Journal subscribes to the progressive thinking that access to scientific knowledge must benefit all without recourse to purchasing power. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of editorial board members and reviewers covering all related topics, especially during the final editing of the published articles. I would also like to express my gratitude to the publisher, all the authors, the advisory board, and office bearers for their support in bringing out yet another volume of the HSI Journal. I am indeed blessed with an excellent team. I look forward to their unrelenting support to bring out Volume 2 Issue 2 at the scheduled time. As the Editor-in-chief, I welcome suggestions, complaints, discussions, and thoughts from authors and readers to help us to maintain high standards. We look forward to publishing high-quality studies and making the HSI Journal synonymous with top quality in health sciences research. Acknowledgements, The University of Ghana College of Health Sciences, the copyright owner, the patron, and sponsor of HSI Journal has always shown a deep interest in the affairs of its constituent institutions. The Journal is indeed grateful to the Reverend Professor Patrick Ferdinand Ayeh-Kumi, the Provost of the University of Ghana College of Health Sciences, for his immense support and leadership.