Welcome message from the Editor-in-chief (HSI Journal Volume 4 issue 1)

  • Andrew Anthony Adjei Department of Pathology , University of Ghana Medical School, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana


We welcome authors, reviewers and the general readership of the HSI Journal to Volume 4 Issue 1. The journal continues to publish interesting must-read articles that have contents tailored towards improvement in several fields within the health sciences. This will provide the needed ingredients for evidence-based practice. With this in mind, we strive towards improving the quality of the journal as we come out with one issue after the other.

In this issue of the HSI Journal, we have featured ten articles comprising eight original research articles and two medical case reports. These peer-reviewed articles cover a myriad of topical issues in the health sciences with a wide spread over several cross-cutting topics. With each passing day, we continue to receive manuscript submissions from around the world which brings variety to our publications and we are very grateful to all authors for this. HSI Journal continues to make giant strides. It is currently indexed on African Journal Online (AJOL) and will very soon feature on other indexing platforms as well. The entire editorial team is elated that this issue of the HSI Journal has been published. We look forward to the next issue which promises to be a notch higher in terms of quality as we continue to strive towards perfection and to improve upon the impact of our journals. To our cherished readers, we look forward to receiving more quality articles from you. We hope that you help to spread the good news about this journal and urge other scientists and players in the health sciences to choose the HSI Journal as the preferred place for publication and reading of scientific works.
Thank you.