“The Maestro” A painting motivated by the inspired roles of the female gender.

  • Tabi Crentstil
Keywords: Maestro


The features in the portrait are consistent with the following. A head that goes off the canvas space, suggesting limitless capabilities; a smaller eye which suggests the need for intuitiveness; and the interpretation of the light source on the face which suggests that everyone has a lighter as well as a darker side.

This painting is fundamentally captured with two main colour schemes as the backdrop. The red scheme to the left is to buttress the strong character of the female subject (the female has coloured lips). The red scheme suggests the female’s determination to excel. She has a lot of drive and a stronger sense of purpose. On the contrary, the male’s demeanour is laid back and dependent on the female. This is captured by the very calm and cool set of greyish-green colours to the right of the painting. Moreover, the male is seen leaning on the female, a departure from the usual gender stereotype where females are expected to rely on males for support. The painting depicts the female figure holding a ball, symbolizing her strong leadership role in maintaining the household. This act solidifies the portrayal of her dominance and highlights the significant contribution that many women make towards keeping society together.