Physicochemical Characterisation and Water Quality Status of the Lower Orashi River, Niger Delta, Nigeria

  • R. I. Fubara
  • O. K. Wokeh
  • C. G. Okey-Wokeh
Keywords: Aquatic, Ecosystem, Spatial variation, Seasonal changes


A study on levels of physicochemical characterisation and water quality status of the Orashi river was conducted to assess the magnitude of deterioration in the water quality. To achieve this, eight essential physicochemical parameters namely dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, electrical conductivity (EC), temperature, turbidity and salinity, were examined on-site all through the bi-weekly sampling for 3 months (Oct-Dec 2021), with the aid of a handheld digital multi-meter checker (Extech model Do 700). The biochemical oxygen demand was later determined in the laboratory using standard analytical method. Data obtained from this study were statistically analysed using a one-way analysis of variance. The result of the study revealed mean dissolved oxygen (DO) showed spatial and monthly variation (p˂0.05), electrical conductivity (EC) was found to exhibit monthly variation and total dissolved solids (TDS) followed the same trend as EC. All the parameters were within the permissible limit for both national and international regulatory agencies except for turbidity. Therefore, this river water is good for domestic and agricultural use, although it requires close monitoring to avoid activities that will contaminate the water quality in future.