Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: An Assessment of Solar Energy Adoption among SMEs in the City of Accra, Ghana

  • Albert Ahenkan University of Ghana
  • Abdul-Washeru Alhassan University of Ghana
  • Emmanuel Kwesi Boon International Centre for Enterprise and Sustainable Development
Keywords: Adoption, barriers, renewable energy, solar, sustainable development


Energy demand continues to drive sustainable development in all countries of the world. As Ghana is accelerating her transition to a low carbon economy, this paper aims to investigate the nature, opportunities and challenges of the solar energy market in the City of Accra. This paper used a qualitative inquiry approach to investigate the solar energy market development in Accra. The Ghana Government’s policy framework for achieving sustainable energy in the country as well as the emerging opportunities and barriers relating to market development of this energy sub-sector in Accra are analysed. The paper found that inadequate institutional and service-provider’s financial support, after-sales technical support, limited consumer credit facilities, a dearth of public education and general awareness among the public about solar energy technology remain important barriers to solar energy development in Accra. In addition, the Net Metering policy dissonance constitutes a critical barrier to solar energy transition and market development in the city. In conclusion, government programming and increasing industrial sector participation will provide a vital catalyst for the development of the solar energy sub-sector and market in Accra.

Author Biography

Abdul-Washeru Alhassan, University of Ghana

Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies