When the College of Basic and Applied Sciences (CBAS) of the University of Ghana (UG) was established in 2014, a key expectation was that the College would promote an aggressive research agenda that would contribute to the UG’s Vision of turning itself into a research intensive, world-class university. The first Provost of the College, Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, embarked on creating an enabling environment to promote faculty research. To this end, the CBAS Research Board introduced an annual Science and Development Platform (CBAS-SDP), with the aim of providing an opportunity for faculty of the College to showcase their research findings as well as the space and time for faculty from different backgrounds and disciplines to exchange ideas and forge inter-, multi-, and trans-disciplinary teams to work collaboratively on research problems.


As part of the process to encourage greater dissemination of faculty research findings, CBAS initiated the journal, Science and Development. In introducing this journal, the College recognized the prevailing difficulties in getting locally and nationally relevant outstanding research findings published in “internationally acclaimed journals”, and the very limited options available locally in terms of high standing journals. Thus, the primary purpose of the journal is to encourage the dissemination of research findings of faculty of the College, but also of other researchers nationally and globally. The goal is to develop a high standard, internationally reputable journal. As part of the strategy of working towards attaining the desired standard, we have put in place systems to ensure that CBAS faculty, in particular early career faculty, have the support they need to produce high quality manuscripts.