Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases in Ghana

  • Heckel Amoabeng Abban University of Ghana
Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases, low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein, overweight, obesity


Background: Over three quarters of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) deaths occur in the low and middle income countries (LMICs). In sub - Saharan Africa, CVDs has risen to become the leading cause of death and morbidities. This review sought to find the modifiable risk factors of CVDs among Ghanaians and suggest measures to help curb this menace. Methods: Searches were done in google, google scholar and Pubmed to obtain the literature and findings on CVDs risk factors in Ghana. Results: High intake of salt as a result of increase in the use of seasonings, processed foods such as salted fish and meat, poor intake of fruits and vegetables (consumption of fruits was 1.5 portions and vegetables was 2.3 portions on a daily basis which is less than the five portions daily requirement), 43% of Ghanaian adults are either overweight or obese; regionally, 43.4%, 36.9%, 32.4% and 55.2% of residents in Ashanti, Central, Northern and Greater Accra region, respectively were overweight or obese. Prevalence of lipid abnormalities were found to be 60% for high Total Cholesterol, 32% for high Triglycerides, 17% for low High density lipoprotein and 61% for high Low density lipoprotein. With lifestyle practices, 25.81% of tertiary students in Accra consume alcohol, prevalence of smoking among male adults in Ghana was 13.1%, and there is a high prevalence of physical inactivity. Prevalence of diabetes was 450,000 and that of hypertension among males and females was 29.9% and 27.6%, respectively.

Author Biography

Heckel Amoabeng Abban, University of Ghana

Department of Nutrition and Food Science