Determination of Local Reference Renal Volumetric Ellipsoid Coefficient For Clinical Application In Ghana

  • Elvis K Tiburu University of Ghana
Keywords: Renal volume, volumetric ellipsoid constant, renal length, renal width, renal thickness


Mathematically modelled kidneys are described as variably ellipsoid representing a type of quadric surface of a 3D analogue. Hence this mathematical descriptive of the volume of a kidney can be represented by mathematical relationship using the three dimensions of its quadrant surface and an ellipsoid constant. Therefore, with a known renal volumetric ellipsoid constant, a measured renal length, renal width and renal thickness, the volume of an ellipsoid kidney can be estimated. In clinical practice this ellipsoid model is used to estimate kidney volume in other to determine a possible kidney condition using varied ellipsoid constants. The objective of this study was to determined renal volumetric ellipsoid constant, that will provide a simplified approach in estimating renal volume. This would aid Clinicians in estimating renal volume for various diagnostic interpretation. The methodology involved the voxel count method used to determine the renal volume on clinical real acquired images and the result divided by the product of the linear measurements of the renal length, renal width and renal thickness of the kidney. The results showed that the renal volumetric ellipsoid coefficient determined was approximately 0.53±0.01 for both age and gender variations. Generally, the volumetric ellipsoid coefficient was not affected by either age or gender variation. In conclusion, GUI has been designed for a comfortable working process in clinical application of renal volume calculation by clinicians and researchers in Ghana

Author Biography

Elvis K Tiburu, University of Ghana

Department of Biomedical Engineering