Performance Evaluation of Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Techniques in Single Mode Fibre for Radio over Fibre Applications

  • Ferdinand A. Katsriku University of Ghana
Keywords: Radio over Fibre, LTE, Wimax, single mode fiber, 3G


With the increasing growth and high demand for data, fiber optic transmission, especially radio over fibre
(RoF), has become a viable option for data and wireless communication. In such systems however, dispersion
is a huge limiting factor in achieving the high data transmission rates. This work reviews current dispersion
systems and proposes a system of dispersion compensation with fibre grating. Simulations are conducted
using Optisystem 7.0 at varied data rates of 10, 20 and 40Gbps over a 200km transmission distance. The output
is analyzed on parameters such as bit error rate (BER), Q-factor and eye height. It is shown that data rate
exceeding 10 GB/s is achievable over a 200km distance.

Author Biography

Ferdinand A. Katsriku, University of Ghana

Department of Computer Science, University of Ghana, Legon - Accra, Ghana