Awareness of the causes, impact and solutions to global warming among undergraduate students from different schools in the University of The Gambia

  • Matty kah University of The Gambia
Keywords: Global warming, awareness, undergraduate, university of The Gambia


Climate Change is unequivocal and occurring at an alarming pace. Increasing greenhouse gas emissions, their concentration in the atmosphere and increased energy absorption have resulted in in changes in climate. This study was a cross sectional study conducted from April 12th to May 12th, 2021. The survey was conducted online using Google form that was circulated via "WhatsApp" groups and emails received from the University admissions office. This study comprises of students in their; first year 26.5%, second year 22.8%, third year 17.9% and fourth-year students 32.8%. Students from the school of Medicine and allied health science showed a satisfactory knowledge of 67% towards the causes of global warming. Students from the school of Engineering also demonstrated a satisfactory knowledge towards the impact of global warming 61% and its solution 69%. In conclusion, students at the University of The Gambia demonstrated a satisfactory understanding of the causes of global warming (63%) and a fair awareness of the consequences (52%) and remedies to global warming (54%). We recommend that, climate change awareness course should be incorporated into the curriculum of the University of The Gambia and should be made mandatory for every student.