Editorial Policies

· Journal Obligations to authors

i. We will evaluate submissions based on their content and without prejudice to national origin, institutional affiliation, political and religious views, or any other social and demographic characteristics.

ii. Editors will not disclose any identifying information related to submissions to anyone. Article submissions will not be shared with anyone except editors, reviewers, potential reviewers, and editorial board members as needed.

iii. Editors will recuse themselves from deliberations on any manuscript in which they have a potential conflict of interest and will not use any information related to a submitted manuscript for their own research, teaching or other purposes until it has

been published. Submissions accepted for consideration will be subject to at least two blind external peer reviews.

iv. If GJG finds that we have made an error or errors after publishing an article we will issue a correction.


· Journal Obligations to reviewers

i. GJG acknowledges the fact that we could not accomplish our mission of disseminating knowledge without the important work of our reviewers.

ii. We will not disclose the names or any identifying information on reviewers to authors.


· Reviewer Policy

The Editorial Board encourages all reviewers:

· to uphold high ethical standards in the conduct of duties

· to treat all correspondence with the journal with strict confidentiality

· to submit their reports within the stipulated period or in default, contact the Editor for extension

· to handle assigned manuscripts with utmost confidentiality

· to disclose situations of conflict of interest and to request to recuse themselves.


Appeals and retractions

The GJF follows Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines on appeals to journal editor decisions and complaints about a journal’s editorial management of the peer review process.

We welcome genuine appeals to editor decisions by providing very strong evidence in response to the editor’s and reviewers’ comments. Contact the journal with your complaints at gjg@ug.edu.gh.

Authors cannot retract their papers when substantial reviews have been done on their submissions.


· Author Responsibilities

All authors must follow all instructions for authors in addition the cardinal principals of publishing below:

· Plagiarism

To uphold research integrity, the Journal pays critical attention to plagiarism and all forms of research dishonesty. All submission found to have plagiarised or breached copyright and ownership guidelines will be rejected. Authors are encouraged to ensure that their manuscripts are devoid of academic/research dishonesty. All sources consulted in completing the paper must be duly acknowledged (following the APA Reference Style). The journal may adopt the use of plagiarism software to verify the content of all submitted manuscripts.


· Third Party Content

You must obtain the necessary permission to reuse third-party material in your article.


· Consent

i. All authors must consent to the submitted manuscript.

ii. The journal assumes that the corresponding author acts on behalf of and with the permission of all co-authors.

iii. All authors are expected to have contributed substantially to the completion of the paper


· Defamation and Confidentiality

The Journal will reject papers found to contain defamatory statements about its study subjects, personalities, groups or institutions. Authors are encouraged to ensure the confidentiality of their subjects.


· Ethical Clearance

Authors are encouraged to ensure that they seek the necessary ethical clearance before submitting their paper for review. When in doubt, the Journal may demand the submission of a signed proof of clearance from a responsible authority.


· Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.