Exploring the Characteristics, Drivers and Control Strategies of Informal Settlements on Mkimbizi Hill in Iringa Municipality, Tanzania

  • Evarist Fundisha University of Dares Salaam
Keywords: Characteristics, drivers, informal settlements, Iringa Municipality, Mkimbizi Hill, strategies


This study explored the characteristics, drivers, and control strategies of informal settlements on Mkimbizi Hill in Iringa Municipality, Tanzania. The study employed a mixed research design whereby heads of households were randomly selected while key informants were purposively sampled. Data were collected through a questionnaire survey with heads of households, in-depth interviews with key informants, and field observations. Quantitative data were analysed by statistical product and service solution software. Qualitative data were organised into themes and involved content analysis. It was established that the study area is occupied by individuals of different social and economic characteristics with informal land tenure, limited access to social services, and are exposed to the risk of the collapse of buildings and rockfalls. The study also found that informal settlements in the study area were caused by the lack of education on urban settlements, proximity to essential social services, cheap plots, and poor settlement planning. Nonetheless, the study showed that the strategies used to control informal settlements in the study area included intermittent patrol, awareness creation on sustainable urban development, and settlements for economically weak individuals. The study recommends proper land use planning for sustainable urban development by the authorities.