Rural Road Infrastructural Challenges: An Impediment to Agricultural Development in Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria

  • Samuel Oluwaseyi Olorunfemi Federal University of Technology
Keywords: Agricultural productivity, Idanre, road infrastructure, rural area


Accessibility to the rural area by road is a key factor in achieving Sustainable Development Goals
in pursuance of optimal survival these areas. Various rural development policies instituted in Nigeria
to alleviate the condition of rural dwellers and to sustain agricultural development, yet the smooth
accessibility desires of several rural areas impaired by poor rural road infrastructure. The resultant
effect of this is low agricultural productivity in rural areas and food insecurity. Rural communities
in developing countries are mostly disconnected from the major roads and public transport services
that should provide them access to the economic and social opportunities in cities. To this end, the
research examined how road infrastructural challenges have impeded the development of agriculture
in Idanre Local Government Council Areas, Ondo State, Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was
purposively and randomly administered to collect data from a total of 200 farmers across 20 villages
in the study area. Analysis of data for the information retrieved from the respondents were carried
out with aid of descriptive statistics while stepwise regression examination was done to test the
hypothesis. Findings revealed a high cost of transportation and irregular transport services as a
result of the poor state of the roads in the study area have hindered effective agricultural
development. Results also indicated that motorcycles were the dominant means of transportation in
the LGA. This among others resulted in an increasing rate of post-harvest loss because of the
restrictive capacity of motorcycle and high cost of transportation. The study recommended the
construction and rehabilitation of dilapidated roads infrastructure to enhance agricultural
development in the study area.

Author Biography

Samuel Oluwaseyi Olorunfemi, Federal University of Technology

Department of Transport Management Technology