Assessing Green Policies for the Rehabilitation and Sustainable Restoration of Mine Sites in Cameroon: Case of the Mayo-Darlé Mine Site, Adamawa Region

  • Daniel Essapo University of Yaounde
Keywords: Green Policies, Rehabilitation, Sustainable Restoration,, Mine Sites, Mayo-Darlé,, Cameroon


Mining is not without negative consequences for the environment. It is appropriate for each
concerned state, particularly Cameroon, to adopt and implement mining laws and regulations to
reduce environmental risks. The former Mayo-Darlé mine site in the Adamawa region that has been
abandoned for several decades is a striking example of the limitations and lapses of national
environmental protection policies. Hence, this study outlines an inventory of features in the
concerned mine site while analyzing green policies related to the mining sector in Cameroon. The
study attempts to modelize the socio-economic and environmental impacts in the sustainable
management of the Mayo-Darlé mine site. The study proposes the prescription of a green network to
encourage artisanal sustainable practices within mining fields. This “eco-sustainable" strategy shall
be specific to mine site development. The implementation of measures outlined in the proposed policy
shall considerably improve environmental conditions around the mine site. This involves the
establishment of a rehabilitation plan and realistic restoration of the Mayo Darlé site for good
preservation of the environment.

Author Biography

Daniel Essapo, University of Yaounde

Environmental Research Associate, National Institute of Cartography