Analysing the Dynamics of Decentralisation and the Creation of new District Assemblies in Ghana

  • Dominic Degraft Arthur University for Development Studies
Keywords: Proliferation, District, Creation, Decentralisation, Practitioners, Patronage, Democratic


The creation of new district assemblies has become an overriding
feature across African countries in recent years; yet, very few
studies exist on this critical subject. This paper draws on the
questionnaire to investigate the dynamics of decentralisation and
the creation of district assemblies in Ghana. The paper submits that
two principal factors are embedded in influencing the creation of
new district assemblies in Ghana; the government’s desire to gain
political support during national elections and the fair redistribution
of public resources, with the former, emerges as the stronger
predictor. Following the conclusion, the paper recommends that
the constitutional power entrusted to the president to create new
administrative districts should be reviewed and ensure that this
constitutional power is entrusted to an appointed independent body
to conduct this exercise. Also, there should be strong engagements
of the citizens and civil society organisations to deliberate on issues
including, economic and financial viability, size of the population,
the capacity of administrative staff, and infrastructural facilities
before creating new districts in Ghana.