Impacts of flooding and riverbank erosion on the environment and socio-economic activities in the Lower Pra River Basin

  • Ebenezer Asiedu University of Ghana
  • John Manyimadin Kusimi University of Ghana
Keywords: flooding, hazards, riverbank, erosion, livelihoods, Pra River, Ghana


Floods and riverbank erosion have become global
hazards as they impact infrastructure and socioeconomic activities of people in riparian zones. The
lower section of the Pra River has been subjected
to these hazards for the past two decades, which
is threatening lives and properties. The impacts
of these hazards translate into environmental
and socio-economic liabilities that need to be
mitigated. The study was thus conducted to
assess the environmental and socio-economic
activities impacted by the hazards, determine
the mitigation and coping strategies of residents
and proffer management strategies. Four (4)
towns were selected for the study. Data was
collected through questionnaire administration,
interviews, and field exploration. Information
was gathered from household heads, local
authorities, and assemblymen. Results showed
that riverbank erosion and floods were causing
physical destruction to infrastructure and
buildings with grave socio-economic impacts on
health, commercial and agricultural activities of
households. The development and enforcement
of land use, water resources management plans,
structural engineering projects are some of the
key measures needed to manage the hazards.