The role of advertising and positive word-of-mouth in fabric brand equity: The mediating effect of brand awareness and brand image


Enhancing brand equity by creating brand awareness and building brand image via advertising and positive word-of-mouth (PWOM) is vital in ensuring a successful brand. The study examined the mediating role of both brand awareness and brand image in the relationship between advertising and PWOM on fabric brand equity, within the Ghanaian context. A quantitative cross-sectional design was employed for the study. A sample of 230 Ghanaian fabric consumers were recruited for an online survey. Structural equation modelling (SEM) was used to analyse the data. The results showed that the construct validity and internal consistency of the measurement model was good. The structural model showed that brand awareness and brand image mediated the relationship between brand promotion (advertising and PWOM) and the brand equity of the fabric brands. The findings of the study highlight the need for fabric brands in Ghana and beyond to invest in advertising and other activities that builds PWOM, as these are more likely to enhance their brand awareness and brand image which is important for improving their brand equity.