University of Ghana uses Open Journal Systems (OJS) to support the publication of academic and student-led Open Access journals. The journals we support can be accessed from this site.

About UG Journal

Current Journals


  • Legon Journal for International Affairs and Diplomacy

    The Legon Journal for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LEJIAD) is an international refereed publication of the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD). It serves as a platform for informing, educating and stimulating interest and debate among scholars and practitioners of international studies and diplomacy, as well as the general public, on matters relevant to the geopolitics of Africa and the wider world including security, economics, politics, community relations and law. The journal is also interested in manuscripts that explore relationships between public policy and international affairs.

  • Ghana Journal of Religion and Theology

    The Ghana Journal of Religion and Theology (GJRT), formerly Ghana Bulletin of Theology (GBT), is an interdisciplinary and ecu-menical refereed journal that seeks to serve as a forum for religious studies and to promote the encounter between people of different faith commitments and different perspectives on religion. 

    Articles in the GJRT represent neither the views of the editorial board nor the Department for the Study of Religions, the University of Ghana. No part of this written publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without written permission from the publisher. 

    Publisher: Department for the Study of Religions, University of Ghana, P.O. Box LG 66, Legon, Accra Ghana ( 

  • African Journal of Management Research

    African Journal of Management Research seeks to publish works that test, advance and develop models, frameworks and concepts in the broad areas of management, organisation, finance, public sector management, marketing and decision systems.

    The Journal is international and multidisciplinary, which means that topics and themes appropriate for African Journal of Management Research will come from and cut across organisational/institutional sectors (public, private, non-for-profit) and address matters of theory, research and practice from a variety of management and organisational disciplines (finance, operations, human resource, organisational behaviour, marketing, services). The Journal’s multidisciplinary character means it seeks to promote the interplay and nexus between organisational functionality, management practice and economic/national development. The Journal’s aim is to facilitate greater understanding of organisational processes, managerial processes and functions and critical firm level challenges facing developing and emerging areas.

    Papers will have strong theoretical foundations, solid and defensible methodological frameworks with clear empirical stance. In this regard, African Journal of Management Research is mainly empiricist. Our definition of ‘empiricist’ in this context is not to exclude the phenomenological. Rather that papers will have sound quantitative and/or qualitative data, rigorous design and demonstration of exploring and advancing knowledge of the world ‘as-is’. The Journal will periodically accept prescriptive, theoretical and conceptual papers (the world-as-should-be) which in its view present sufficiently ground-breaking discourse of theory, models and methodological paradigms, reviews of the literature or practice which lead to new understandings.

  • Contemporary Journal of African Studies (CJAS)

    The Contemporary Journal of African Studies(CJAS) began its life as the Research Reviewin 1969, and was re-branded as theCJAS in 2012.  CJAS is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published twice a year.

  • Ghana Social Science Journal

    Ghana Social Science Journal is indexed and abstracted in the ProQuest Periodicals Acquisition Databases, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. The Ghana Social Science Journal is visible on the Web of Science through the Thomson Reuters’ Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

    The Ghana Social Science Journal is accepted for indexing in African Journals online (AJOL).